Real food. For all children.

We offer quality, modern and tasty, affordable food for all children. Because we believe that every child has the right to access real food to be healthy.


Bio dairy

Bio  flour

Bio  fruits and vegetables

Imaginative menu and always fresh products

Every day is an occasion to arouse children's curiosity and stimulate them to discover the pleasure of eating.

Why is it important for children to love the food they eat?

When children eat food that has the same color and consistency every day, the effect is often pouty lips. Normal! The wealth of colors and textures stimulates children's curiosity and they become little discoverers of the universe called food.

That is why we prepare for your children a colorful and exciting menu of selected quality products. So everyone is happy - the children are excited about the good food, and the mothers can relax and rest assured that their little ones are growing up healthy.


We are on a mission!

To make wholesome nutrition available throughout Bulgaria.


Over 2000 children per day

discover the magic of wholesome nutrition with Furisto. Our menu is the preferred choice for nurseries, kinder gardens and schools.